10 Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience

10 ways to grow your blog audienceDo you blog for your business? Blogging is an excellent way to connect with your customers, show your expertise and boost SEO to your website. But you may be wondering: How can I increase traffic to my blog? Here are some easy ways to get more people to read your blog posts:

1)      Be patient. Acquiring an audience for your blog doesn’t happen overnight. Give your blog time to grow and prosper.

2)      Add interesting images. In a world of Pinterest and Tumblr, people are craving novel images to pin and post about. Additionally, if someone is doing an image search on Google, your blog post can get some attention by appearing in the search results. Make sure your image has a description and title too.

3)      Write posts that people want to read. Sounds simple, right? But you’d be surprised how many business bloggers aren’t doing it. Check out your Google Analytics to see what search terms people are using to find your website. That could be a valuable way for you to determine what to blog about next.

4)      Add social sharing buttons. Let people help you spread the word about your blog post. Be sure to include share buttons for all major social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as a “Pin It’ and “Google+1” button for Pinterest and Google. Add these buttons to the top and bottom of each blog post.

Examples of social share buttons on a blog

We use several social sharing buttons on the RJM Consulting Blog.

5)      Add a subscribe feature. Your blog should have a way for people to subscribe – right at the top of your blog page. Consider adding calls to actions to the end of your blog posts, inviting people to subscribe: “Did you find this blog post to be valuable? Then, please consider subscribing to our blog so you don’t miss a thing!”

6)      Reference related blog posts. If you’re using WordPress, you can download widgets to help you, or you can do it manually. Either way, point readers to other blog posts that are related to the one they are reading. Your readers are already on your blog – why not keep them there?

7)      Post your blog article to all social media networks. Make sure to talk about your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, and don’t be afraid to post about it multiple times. Change the wording and make it a fresh post.

8)      Pin your post to Pinterest. Related to tips #2 and #7, Pinterest is a huge traffic referral source. Make sure to pin your blog post to a pinboard. If you’re not sure how to fully maximize Pinterest, check out our blog post about using Pinterest to boost your SEO and bottom line.

9)      Use social bookmarking sites. Reddit, Digg and Stumbleupon are great ways to bring more traffic to your blog. If you’re active on these bookmarking sites, be sure to add their share buttons to your blog posts.

10)   Invite guest bloggers. A guest blogger will add great interest to your blog. Additionally, the guest blogger will share the post with his/her community, which will extend your reach.

That’s it! We hope these 10 tips will get you on the road to blog success. And to follow our own advice, if you like the content of this post, please consider subscribing! That way, you can get our blog posts right in your inbox.

New Tools for CityGrid Subscribers

CityGrid Acquires BuzzLabs


CityGrid Media announced the acquisition of Seattle-based BuzzLabs today. A leading social media monitoring and sentiment analysis platform, BuzzLabs creates valuable content for publishers and consumers, as well as helping businesses monitor their web presence at a local level. This acquisition will give CityGrid the ability to compile and analyze the millions of pieces of information in their content and ad network. By looking at reviews, check-ins, Facebook Likes, blog posts, and other streams of consumer generated content, CityGrid can now provide their merchants and publishers with a measure of business sentiment, consumer opinion, and other trending data.

“With the explosion of local, user-generated content on the Web, it is imperative our network of publishers has real-time tools to acquire new content and make sense of it for users in a way that’s immediately valuable to them,” said Jay Herratti, CEO of CityGrid Media. “By adding BuzzLabs to the CityGrid offering, we are able to provide our publishers with relevant, real-time content and new local data that consumers now rely on to make their decisions.”

This acquisition provides CityGrid merchants a great tool to manage their online reputations. The BuzzLabs business dashboard will be integrated  into the CityGrid Media Ad Center in the coming months, enabling advertisers easily to access BuzzLabs’ social monitoring and analysis tools.

“We share CityGrid’s vision to make online content more useful; extending it to both publishers and advertisers, and helping consumers make more informed business decisions,” said Philip Lee, Founder and CEO of BuzzLabs. “The massive reach of CityGrid, combined with the deep social insight our technology provides, will now help local publishers and advertisers better understand and engage consumer audiences anywhere and anytime.”

We’re Your CityGrid Authorized Reseller

At RJM Consulting Group, we’re looking forward to adding this new tool to our repertoire. We specialize in enhancing your business web presence, and the BuzzLabs dashboard will be a welcome and valuable addition to the services we offer. Visit our Online Marketing/Local Search page for more information.


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Bloggers Invited!

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CityGrid Teams Up With CBS Local

CityGrid is teaming up with CBS Local Digital Media to give local businesses the opportunity to be featured across CBS’s TV and radio Web sites in major markets and gain exposure to millions of online and mobile consumers.

Why Should I Blog?

This series of posts is excerpted from Mark Suster. Mark is a 2x entrepreneur who has gone to the Dark Side of VC. He joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company to Salesforce.com. He focuses on early-stage technology companies.  His website can be found at www.bothsidesofthetable.com

These posts are to help you figure out why you should write and what you should talk about.

1. Why
If you care about accessing customers, reaching an audience, communicating your vision, influencing people in your industry, marketing your services or just plain engaging in a dialog with others in your industry a blog is a great way to achieve this.

People often ask me why I started blogging. It really started simply enough. I was meeting regularly with entrepreneurs and offering (for better or for worse) advice on how to run a startup and how to raise venture capital from my experience in doing so at two companies. I was having the same conversations over-and-over again (JFDI, Don’t Roll Out the Red Carpet when Employees are on the Way Out the Door, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool Aid, etc) and I figured I might as well just write them up and make them available for future people who might be interested. I never really expected a big audience or ever thought about it.

I had been reading Brad Feld’s blog & Fred Wilson’s blog for a couple of years and found them very helpful to my thinking so I honestly just thought I was giving back to the community.

The results have been both unexpected and astounding. Within 2 years I was getting 400,000 views / month and had been voted the 2nd most respected VC in the country by an independent survey of entrepreneurs, The Funded and sentiment analysis. I know that I have not yet earned these kudos based on investment returns (although my partners have. GRP Partners last fund is the single best performing VC fund in the US (prequin data) for its vintage year). But it speaks volumes to what people want from our industry:

  • transparency
  • accessibility
  • authenticity
  • thought leadership
  • advice

I’ll bet your customers, business partners or suppliers would love similar.

Next up – What Should I Blog ?